1. Gai Pad Mad Ma Muang
    Spicy chicken with cashew nut.
  2. Gai Yang (Grilled chicken)
    Marinated grilled chicken served with hot sweet sauce .
  3. Basil Chicken/Pork
    Stired fried choice of chicken or pork with basil chili garlic.
  4. Ginger Chicken / Pork / Beef
    Pan fired choice of chicken or beef with ginger, green and red pepper.
  5. Karee Gai (Yellow Curry Chicken)
    Yellow curry chicken, potatoes, onion in coconut milk.
  6. Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai / Moo (Green Curry Chicken / Pork)
    Choice of chicken or pork with green curry in coconut milk, zuccane, green pepper & green peas.
  7. Panang Neua (Panang Curry W/ Beef)
    Panang curry beef in coconut with green pea.
  8. Chicken / Pork Spicy Eggplant
    Chopped chicken or pork with eggplant, chili, garlic and basil.
  9. Sweet / Sour Pork / Chicken
    Choice of pork or chicken with pineapple, green and red pepper and onion with sweet and sour sauce.
  10. Bamboo Shoot Chicken / Beef / Pork
    Choice of chicken, beef or pork with bamboo shoot with chili past garlic.
  11. Massaman Curry
    Chunk of beef in massaman curry with peanut and potatoes.
  12. Kaeong Pad Neua (Red Curry with Beef)
    Red curry beef with bamboo shoots in coconut milk.
  13. Beef Broccoli
    Beef broccoli with oyster sauce.
  14. Beef / Chicken Green Pepper
    Choice of beef or chicken with green pepper and black bean sauce.
  15. Mixed Vegetables Beef / Chicken / Pork
    Choice of beef, chicken or pork with broccoli, green and red pepper, baby corn, bamboo shoots, onions, mushroom and celery.

 MT1.   Thai Water Crest with Pork, Chicken / Beef

             Pan fried water crest with pork, chicken or beef and Thai bean

 MT2.   Spicy Beef with Onion

             Pan fired beef, onion with Thai spicy sauce.

 MT3.   Asparagus with Pork, Chicken / Beef

             Pan Fried asparagus, pork, chicken or beef with red bell pepper.

 MT4.  Green Bean with Pork, Beef / Chicken .................................
            Pan fried with green bean with pork, beef or chicken.

 MT5.   Red Curry with Sparibs

             Red curry, sparibs, bell pepper, bamboo shoots in cococunt milk.

 MT6.   Basil Sparibs

             Pan fried sparibs, bell pepper, basil leafs with chili garlic sauce.

 MT7.   Sweet and Sour Sparibs

             Pan fried sparibs, bell pepper, onion, pineapple with sweet and

             sour sauce.

 MT8.   Ka Na Hed Hom Nur (beef with Chinese broccoli & black


             Pan fried Chinese broccoli, black mushroom, sliced beef with

             oyster sauce.

 MT9.   Lemongrass with Chicken / Beef

             Pan fried chicken or beef, bell pepper with lemongrass sauce.





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