1. Thai Crab Meat Balls
    Deep fried crab meat, jicama and port wrapped with bean sheet
  2. Thai Egg Rolls
    Wrapped with ground pork, silver noddle and cabbage served with thai hot sweet sauce
  3. Vegetarian Spring Roll
    Wrapped with carrots, cabbage, bamboo shoots and silver noddles served with hot sweet sauce
  4. Satay
    Skewers of marinated beef or chicken served with peanut sauce
  5. Grilled Shrimp
    Skewers of marinated shrimp served with thai sauce
  6. Tod Mun (Fish Cake)
    Fried fish cake served with cucumber tamarind sauce
  7. Khao Tang Na Tang (Rice crackers with dip)
    Crispy rice crackers dip with chicken and prawn in thai special creamy sauce
  8. Thai Town Wing
    Deep fried chicken wing served with thai special sauce
  9. Goong Kra Box
    Deep fried wrapped prawn fry to golden brown

     AP1. Nok Tod (Fried Quails)











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